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Phil Lo Presti (AKA "Flip" "Flip Side")

Influences: Jeff Beck, JIMI, Albert King, SRV, Ritchie Blackmore, Scott Henderson, Steve Morse, Larry Carlton, Barney Kessel, Wes Montgomery, Chuck Wayne, David Gilmore, Billy Gibbons.


" A little drinking, a little dancing, a little nightlife "

" What hump ? " Young Frankenstein

Equipment: Stratocasters !! Manic yet sexy. Scream like a Banshee. Stratocaster's: 64, 81 Smith Strat,82 gold/gold custom shop, PRS, 1979 Gibson ES-355 stereo, 1959 Gibson Les Paul Reissue, Gibson ES-335 Reissue, 1963 & 1965 Hagstrom 1, Martin, Tacoma and Yamaha acoustics,G & L ASAT Classic.

Amplification: Mesa Boogies Mark 1 with 15 " Black Widow + 2 x 12 recto short cab bottom. Mesa Boogie Mini Recto, 1965 Fender Bassman Black face, Fender Super 60.

Effects & Misc: BOSS Pedals, VOX wah, Dunlop 88mm nylon pic's, Shure SM58, Samson wireless

Quotes: "Never eat ethnic food in a cafeteria", "You can never have too many guitars or cars".

Misc: Anything that's more or less decadent will do. Have been known to play air guitar while sleeping.

UG !